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MegaWiki is a community that creates and maintains a wiki encyclopedia. Become a member of the community - to create and develop a thematic encyclopedia, help others, or move existing in MegaWiki encyclopedia.

  • We are trying to create a community Encyclopaedists who can share their knowledge with each other.
  • We propose to combine the knowledge and efforts of all who are interested in the creation of information projects.
  • You can take part in the development of the project, discuss the technical implementation or help other users.

What are the pros from the merger?

  • You develop your encyclopedia and you need help in creating a template for pages, registration or other matters in which you do not understand - ask the MegaWiki community for help and you will be someone to help.
  • For reliable and quality work requires skilled technicians to help configure the server itself and encyclopedia. We can join forces and together support a large number of good projects.

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